A Taste of Naples and Campania at Food India by Sial September 16/18, 2018 - Stand No 1227A

Naples and its beautiful Campania region have captivated visitors for centuries. The spectacular landscapes and vibrant colours of life are a joy, and just when you think it can’t get any better, turn a corner and suddenly: the sea, the beautiful sea!


Its Mediterranean climate is mild, people friendly, and local cuisine: delicious! Buonissima! And what has come to symbolize Italian food the world over?




A plate of beautiful spaghetti with tomato sauce, eaten anywhere in the world, each bite will tell you: We have come from Naples! We are Campania! We are Italy!


Italy’s best pasta comes from Gragnano, a hill village just outside Naples whose name actually means “grains”, that is how far back the tradition of pasta goes. It is the only pasta in the world with the PGI (protected geographical indication) status. Its superior-quality raw materials (durum wheat, high protein and sturdy with local water) and a traditional slow drying process gives a firm, chewy texture, essential to a delicious plate of pasta!


For the first time Gragnano’s pasta will be showing at FOOD INDIA by SIAL


Stop by our stand No 1227A to learn more about it!


How many shapes and sizes of pasta are there? Hundreds! From traditional spaghetti, conchiglie, to the more original ‘a Caccavella each is unique in texture as well as in the way they combine with sauces. The company also produces organic pasta as well as an entire gluten-free line. La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano is the first pasta factory in the world to have obtained the PGI certificate.


La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano srl  www.fabbricadellapastadigragnano.com


Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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